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  • Doubles In doubles, you and a partner play against a team of two players on the other side of the net, using the full court between the baselines and the doubles sidelines. If you are on the team that serves first, either you or your partner may begin the match by serving the first ball.
  • To be successful in doubles, a lot of strategy is involved. It might seem like a relatively simple game of tennis, but the best pairs will play off of each other and use smart tactics to give them the edge. It is not always about pure talent with doubles. Strategy plays a huge role.
  • Official tennis doubles rankings of the ATP Tour, featuring the world's top ranked doubles players in men's professional tennis.
  • When you play on a doubles team, the doubles alleys (or tramlines) on the side of the court count as inbounds, making the playing area bigger. Twice as many players on the tennis court mean more opportunities for aggressive net play, so doubles games often have shorter points than most singles games.
  • What Is Doubles In Tennis? In tennis, doubles is one of the formats of competition.Currently there are men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles. While in a singles tennis event the athletes play by themselves, a doubles tennis event has two partners on each side of the court, with the pairs competing against each other.
  • doubles lessonIn this video coaches Alex and Simon of Top Tennis Training explain the basics of doubles.This includ...
  • How to Play Doubles Tennis for Beginners When you’re just starting out in tennis, playing doubles is a great way to be out on the court, gain match experience, and have fun! Playing doubles involves two teams of two players on each side of the court.
  • In a doubles match, each team has a defined strategy which they stick to in order to get desired results. These include power serves, setups and positioning to name a few. Today, we’ll learn about the basics as well as some of the most unique doubles tennis tactics and strategy.
  • Compilation of the top doubles points from matches featured on this channel during the 2019 college tennis season. Matches featured in this video: Kumar/Sah ...