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  • The inaugural US Open men's doubles tennis tournament, in 1881, was reserved for United States National Lawn Tennis Association (USNLTA) club members and was won by Clarence Clark and Frederick Winslow Taylor. The following year, 1882, the championships opened to international competitors. Between 1890 and 1906 sectional tournaments were held in the east and the west of the country to ...'s_Doubles_champions
  • Defeats. (4) Alex Michelsen. 42 43 3 34 3 34 5 43 4. H2H. Scores. Official ATP tennis results and scores for men's professional tennis tournaments on the ATP Tour.
  • The one area of the court you must control to win at doubles. Exactly where to stand on the doubles court for specific situations. 3 common mistakes doubles players make that tennis coaches are still actively teaching. The best places to serve in doubles. The best locations you should focus on hitting returns for any situation.
  • The 2023 DI women's tennis singles and doubles tournament continues. The singles tournament will run from May 22-May 27, while the doubles championships will begin on May 23 and conclude on May 27.
  • And the biggest rule for scoring is to call out the serving team’s scores first. Each game will consist of 4 points: Love, 15, 30, 40, and Game. No score―love, 1st point―15, 2nd point―30, 3rd point―40, and 5th point―game. This sounds pretty simple; as the teams score points, they get closer to winning the game in a set.
  • Play more tennis with PlayYourCourt: The Doubles Playbook
  • The top tennis players and moments in 2023. Novak Djokovic set records -- and more records, while Iga Swiatek regained her No. 1 spot. But that wasn't all that happened in the memorable 2023 season.
  • He won the 2011 NCAA doubles title, the first national championship in the program’s history. Ahead of his sophomore year, he won the USTA 18-year-olds national championships in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • With over two decades of experience playing & coaching tennis, Will now works as a doubles strategy analyst for ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. Will helps tennis players at every level play better doubles through smarter strategy. He also has expertise in tennis racquets & gear, testing the latest products from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince ...
  • Tennis court size and markings. According to the regulations of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), tennis’ global governing body, a competitive tennis court must be rectangular in shape, measuring 23.77 metres long. The width, however, differs for doubles (10.97 metres) and singles (8.23 metres). While viewing a tennis court from the ...