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  • Doubles tennis. Simply termed and insinuates the obvious. In this type of tennis competition there are a total of four tennis players involved. In other words, doubles is two vs. two competition. Two tennis players combine forces to compete as a team challenging another team of two on opposite ends of the tennis court. Singles vs. Doubles
  • Doubles tennis is played using the full 36 ft (11 m) width of the court and with two players on each side of the court. Players are assigned specific roles during each Game and must remain in that role until the Game is over. For example, the server must serve out the full Game. The service returner must receive serves until the Game is over.
  • 25 doubles lessons from the best tennis strategy coach in the world. Both written & video content, including statistical analysis and tables that prove out the tactics. Clear and simple action items at the end of every lesson, so you actually implement the strategies you’ll be learning.
  • Since doubles tennis involves a team of two players, you would normally agree on a couple strategies to try out with your partner before the match starts. Communication plays a big factor and adjusting to your opponents game means you may have to change your game plan throughout the match.
  • Legend ; Player won all 4 Grand Slam tournaments in the same year (same partnership) Player won all 4 Grand Slam tournaments in the same year (with different partners) Player(s) w's_doubles_champions
  • Of course whenever one is moving backwards in the game of tennis (singles or doubles), a high, deep, defensive lob (hit with backspin) may be the best option. Here again, hitting such a lob to the center of your opponents’ court is usually the best placement. COMMANDMENT 10. Communicate with your partner.
  • ORLANDO, Fla. –Virginia women’s tennis freshman Emma Navarro (Charleston, S.C.) and senior Rosie Johanson (Vancouver, Canada) have advanced to the semifinals of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Tennis Doubles Championship with a victory on Wednesday (May 26) at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Fla. Navarro and Johanson downed Jayci Goldsmith and Tatiana Makarova of Texas A&M 6-3, 6-1.
  • With the win, Collins and Sun earn ITA (Intercollegiate Tennis Association) All-America honors by virtue of advancing to the NCAA quarterfinals. Collins and Sun also become the first pair of ITA All-Americans in doubles at UT since Cristina Moros and Sandy Sureephong earned the accolade in 1998.
  • Today, more than 60,000 tennis enthusiasts play in T2Tennis leagues across 1,500 tennis facilities throughout Atlanta. The flexible format is designed to meet the needs of today's player's busy lifestyle. T2Tennis combines structured organized league play and flexible scheduling to provide a convenient, fun tennis experience.
  • Normally, the Kingsway boys tennis coach would be an active participant with one of his teams vying for the doubles championship at the Gloucester County Tournament.