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  • Doubles tennis. Simply termed and insinuates the obvious. In this type of tennis competition there are a total of four tennis players involved. In other words, doubles is two vs. two competition. Two tennis players combine forces to compete as a team challenging another team of two on opposite ends of the tennis court. Singles vs. Doubles
  • Up to date Rankings from the most exciting Womens Tennis matches & tournaments. Turn to the WTA for the best coverage of your favorite players!
  • Legend ; Player won all 4 Grand Slam tournaments in the same year (same partnership) Player won all 4 Grand Slam tournaments in the same year (with different partners) Player(s) w's_doubles_champions
  • My USTA teammates and I learned a ton about doubles strategy over the past few months from Roger Dowdswell, Tennis Director at Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club. Roger is a former world top-60 player who competed multiple times at Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Australian Open.
  • Ben Zaiser, Head Tennis Professional at the USTA National Campus, offers a doubles tip from Down Under to help improve your team’s chance for success. The Australian doubles formation is a tactic for varying position on serve. The net player sets up directly across from the opposing net player, while the server is closer to the middle of the ...
  • Since doubles tennis involves a team of two players, you would normally agree on a couple strategies to try out with your partner before the match starts. Communication plays a big factor and adjusting to your opponents game means you may have to change your game plan throughout the match.
  • Traditionally, tennis is played between two people in a singles match, or two pairs in a doubles match. Tennis can also be played on different courts, including grass courts, clay courts, hard courts, and artificial grass courts.
  • 2021 NCAA DI women’s tennis championships singles and doubles selections announced. Advertisement. Division I. Women's Tennis Championships. May 16-28, 2021.
  • Tournaments. Whether you play Singles or Doubles or want to compete locally or nationally, USTA Tournaments is for you. Face off against competitors of a similar age and ability or test your skills in fun family events.
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