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  • Ninth Point – Tsitsipas Serve. This rotation is repeated until a side wins the tiebreaker. To win the tiebreaker and complete the set, a side must win at least 7 points with at least a 2-point margin. So, for example, the winning side’s tiebreaker final score could be 7-2, 7-4, 9-7, 13-11, 24-22, etc.
  • To thrive in doubles tennis, movement and court positioning are crucial. Knowing where to be all the time helps you outmaneuver opponents. Get a solid base. Stand near the baseline, halfway between the sideline and the center mark. This gives you good coverage of the court and allows you to move in any direction.
  • The Pepperstone ATP Live Doubles Teams Rankings, which updates after every match completes, is a calendar-year points race that rewards the top teams and eligible Grand Slam champion teams with a place at the eight-team Nitto ATP Finals. More at our Live FAQ page. Send questions and feedback here. Official standings in the Pepperstone ATP ...
  • This is a guest post by our monthly contributor, Will Boucek, a former college tennis player from Austin, with over 20 years of experience playing and coaching.Will specializes in doubles and was 4.5 men’s and mixed doubles champion in Texas in 2017. Fascinated by the strategy of doubles, Will shares his valuable insights on his website The Tennis Tribe.
  • In doubles tennis, the path to victory is paved with strategic choices, effective communication, and seamless teamwork. Armed with these insights and tips, you and your partner can elevate your doubles play, turning every match into an opportunity for a well-earned win. Doubles tennis. Simply termed and insinuates the obvious.
  • Serving Rules and Rotation. Serving is an essential part of doubles play and follows specific rules. The serving player must toss the ball upwards at least 16cm, striking it on the way down. The ball must first bounce on the server’s side of the table and then on the receiver’s side. Both players on the serving team must serve in rotation ...
  • 1. Total Net Control. The goal in most tennis doubles matches is to be the team that is taking control of the net. As long as both players are adequate at volleys, this is the most consistent way to win matches. At the highest level, teams are always trying to get to the net and put the point away as quickly as possible.
  • Step 5: Focus on Positioning Between Shots. The final tip to improve your use of hand signals in doubles tennis is to actually focus on your movement and positioning when you aren’t hitting the ball. The key here is to always be facing where the ball is coming from, so you have the best chance of making contact and volleying into the open ...
  • The key to winning tennis doubles is choosing a partner that complements your playing style, taking advantage of the second serve as it’s their weakest, and aiming to have the highest first-serve percentage. Playing mixed doubles calls for an entirely different strategy. It is because in mixed doubles, your strength and speed greatly vary.
  • When playing doubles in tennis, it is important to know where each player should be positioned when serving. This can greatly affect the outcome of the game and can even lead to a fault if not done correctly. In doubles, there are two players on each side, the server and the receiver. The server’s position is crucial to the success of the serve.