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  • As with most sports, tennis involves the process of stringing together a complex set of movements. Recognizing this, we can break down the complex set of movements to independent movements, teach proper technique, and slowly build a player’s confidence, so that they can eventually start combining movements.
  • Teaching Tennis Workshops & Certification January 2, 2017 ADVERTISEMENT. The coach is where current and aspiring players turn to learn the basics of tennis, to refine their swings, fine-tune their serves and advance their skills and their pursuit of our lifetime sport. For many, coaches are their point of entry into the game. ...
  • Teaching the next generation of tennis players is easier than ever when you use the right teaching materials. We have everything you need to guide young tennis stars: from boundary markers and targets to racquet sensors and tennis training aids.
  • The Tennis Instructor category is designed as a first step into a career as a tennis teacher, or for those who want to give back to the game by teaching part-time. Tennis Instructors will receive coverage under the USPTA's $6 million liability insurance policy for annual dues of just $199.
  • Ensure Success . The best way to make sure young kids have fun and learn well is to keep them experiencing success. We suggest using progressions, which are central to the teaching style advocated by the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR). That means slowly working up to mastering some basic strokes, and then putting the children through a series of drills to ensure those strokes become ingrained.
  • The tennis industry is primed for growth, and becoming a certified teaching professional is one way to help build your career. The two organizations that certify individuals, the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) are now fully accredited by the USTA.
  • Tennis is an exciting sport--fast-paced, dynamic, and physically challenging. Teaching tennis can be just as engaging as playing! If you want to become a tennis instructor, you’ll first need to develop an understanding of the game and sharpen your tennis skills.
  • Tennis Instructor Category The above requirements do not apply to the Tennis Instructor category, which is also certified. A Tennis Instructor certification is for those who teach part-time or seasonally. The Tennis Instructor certification pathway begins January 1, 2021 requiring: 1. Teaching Essentials 1 (14 ours in person) 2.
  • Tennis Teaching Professional Tennis Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey is looking for a full-time or part-time Tennis Teaching Professional. Position Overview: Tennis Teaching Instructor, FT/PT, desired experience, prefer USPTA /PTR certified. Level of play 4.5+ or college competitive experience.