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  • Beginning Tennis Games. Introduce the forehand groundstroke and the forehand volley at the net, plus some little drills involving each stroke.
  • Youth Tennis, Schools, Tennis in Physical Education, Extracurricular School Tennis, No-Cut School Tennis Teams, Adopt-a-School
  • A PARENTS’ GUIDE: TEACHING TENNIS TO CHILDREN 10 UNDERand. Chapter 1: Introduction Parents want to do what is best for their children. They want to Parents Guide.pdf
  • TEACHING TENNIS BIOMECHANICS . This article is about the essence of Balance, Timing, Energy and Movement as applied in tennis. Some scientific terms are utilized ...
  • A bunch of T-shirts that read "Coach Rob's EZ Tennis ... teaching tennis turned out to be a slog that ... Fla. He can be reached at Save Article;
  • An organization of US tennis teaching professionals. Offers playing tips, newswire, league and tournament information.
  • Teaching children is often easier when they have a desire to learn. But for kids to want to learn, the process needs to be fun. Whether you are a tennis coach or just ...
  • LH Tennis Academy Teaching Tennis and Life Lessons to Students. Linda Hayes is the head coach and owner of LH Tennis Academy.
  • Free tennis lessons and books. Explanation of techniques used in Spain and Brazil to develop top pros.
  • U.S. Professional Tennis Association - USPTA, tennis coaches, certification