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  • Tennis Lesson Plans | In this section you will find tennis lesson plans which represent the way we conduct our own classes. Use them as a guide so that you and your students have an enjoyable and valuable time on the court. All lesson plans are structured to fit into a one-hour time frame.
  • Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. What Education Do I Need to Become a Tennis Instructor? If you're interested in teaching tennis to high school or college students, you may need to obtain a bachelor's degree, according to March 2011 job postings on and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association ( most employers don't specify a particular area that ...
  • Atlanta Tennis Professionals Mario Algarra leverages his talent to create a company capable of providing an array of comprehensive tennis teaching and coaching programs, tennis activities and facility management. Mario has spent over 30 years in the Atlanta area working with tennis players of all ages and playing levels.
  • It covers all the skills you need to teach beginners Mini Tennis, as well as health and safety and child protection. After two days of training there’s a 3-6 week break which you use to gain some practical experience assisting a coach and attend a Child Protection workshop (included in the price and organised by the LTA).
  • The U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) also offers training workshops for those wanting to become professional coaches. Although slightly different from being an instructor, coaches can also be hired at resorts. You can complete the QuickStart Tennis workshop which is aimed at coaches who want to teach kids aged 6 to 10 years old.
  • Tennis tip of the week archive; Find a tennis pro in your area; Become a teaching pro; Lesson planner (for USPTA Pros) Cardio Tennis; ADDvantage magazine online; Tennis Magazine Online; USPTA World Conference
  • Global Tennis Institute is the premier tennis teaching system in the world. Our tennis program integrates all aspects of modern advanced tennis training for competitive junior and professional players. Our Twins tennis ball machines are unbeatable, our tennis walls improve stroke technique and and our staff coaches provide top level tennis coaching, fitnes and conditioning, mental toughness ...
  • It would take the tennis teaching establishment time to recognize what these champions had demonstrated: the two-handed backhand was not a fluke. Although few other top-ranked players would emerge into the limelight with the two-handed backhand during the early 1980s, it was becoming increasingly more popular with the youth of that era.
  • Tip 3: Two Bounces and You're Out. Whenever you rally, wherever you play, make up your mind that you will never let the ball bounce twice. Always run for the ball even if you think you have no chance to reach it.
  • Tuesdays offer a full tennis programme Located primarily at Charters school, the programme offers players of all standards: Mini Tennis Red/Orange Ball (5-9 yrs), Green Ball (9-11 yrs) & the Year 9 Yellow Ball Club and the Yellow Academy (11 yrs +). Adult Tennis (Fit 4 Tennis) is run today.