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  • Resurfacing Tennis Courts Surfaces. We are professionals when it comes to resurfacing tennis courts surfaces and we can offer the best services across the UK. There are now many schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres and sports clubs in the UK who are looking to resurface their current flooring.
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing with our overlay systems is a guaranteed crack free solution. With it's waterproof membrane it allows for decades of more play while protecting the asphalt underneath. Other solutions do not take care of the problem but only masks it for a short period of time. Those cracks reappear in no time costing you more money.
  • The court surface will be thoroughly prepared for resurfacing. This will include correction of uneven surfaces, cracks, etc. Highly durable acrylic resurfacing materials are fully bonded to your existing tennis court surface. Multiple layers may be applied. Acrylic color coatings are then applied to restore the court to like-new condition.
  • Tennis court (HMA binder & HMA surface overlay with reflective crack control grid) PART ONE- GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY A. This work includes surface preparation, crack filling, crack control grid, hot mix asphalt (HMA) paving, net post and fence adjustments, and the acrylic color system applications for existing tennis court, pickleball court.
  • We construct and resurface netball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts and other sporting surfaces. Experienced in resurfacing and repair sporting surfaces, and construction of new sporting surfaces we can provide all synthetic grass systems, hard courts, cushioned hard courts, crack stabilisation and repair systems and more.
  • We install and resurface Laykold® tennis courts. These tennis courts are the choice of premier tennis facilities around the world. Laykold® is also the official surface of the Miami Open and has been since 1984. Laykold® acrylic outdoor surfaces are durable, customizable, and offer maximum playability.. Our tennis courts also boast a wide assortment of color choices.
  • Whether you need an indoor tennis court, an outdoor tennis court or a cushioned tennis court we have the right court for you. We are confident we have the solution for your next tennis court construction or resurfacing needs. Ace Surfaces has partnered with Advanced Polymer Technology and Laykold creating Laykold Masters tennis court surfacing.
  • four (4) tennis courts at Dupree Park, located at 513 Neese Road, Woodstock, GA 30188. Interested parties must submit proposals 3 hard copies) to the City of Woodstock ( Finance Department by the due date for their proposals to be considered.
  • Our Hard Court Resurfacing will bring new life to your court: Resurfacing, Crack Repair, Low-Spot Repairs, Increased Cushion, Reduced Speed or Accelerate Speed. Schubert Tennis is your #1 Tennis Surfacing company as well as your number one Sport Court Resurfacing company in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio areas.
  • Tennis Court Construction & Renovations. General Acrylics, since 1958 has been recognized as the leader in Tennis court construction and renovations, servicing our Customers for over 56 years.