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  • Some of the procedures that are typically performed in the life of a tennis court are: Resurfacing: Every 5 years hard courts need resurfacing; when courts get into the 20+ year range they are resurfaced even more often just to keep them in playing condition. Resurfacing includes pressure cleaning, crack repairing, birdbath removal and ...
  • Resurfacing Resurfacing of existing tennis courts with a new coat (or coats) of a sports acrylic surface is a highly skilled task that must be left to the experts. To make sure you get the right product and the right installer, observe the following: • Check what product you are purchasing. Make sure the acrylic surface product is of a high ... TechTip...
  • Laykold Acrylic Resurfacer is a highly concentrated, 100% acrylic-based emulsion blended with selected fibers and fillers. Acrylic Resurfacer is environmentally safe and does not contain asbestos, lead, or Mercury. Laykold Acrylic Resurfacer is designed to be mixed with silica sand and water to create an acrylic filler coat/resurfacer for use on new or existing asphalt and concrete substrates.
  • Services provided by Cross Court Resurfacing, how often you should resurface, problems if you do not maintain, steps to resurface, other services we perform Services It is recommended that tennis courts be resurfaced and painted every 3-5 years.
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors. We are professional resurfacing contractors and surrounding areas, and we have years of experience in the surfacing industry. Our experts will only use specialists products and premium materials when carrying out resurface jobs.
  • We specialise in surfaces for Netball Courts, Tennis Courts and School Play grounds | Click here and see past projects and how we can help you
  • ACRYLIC RESURFACER. 100% ACRYLIC EMULSION RESURFACER. A non-pigmented, 100% acrylic latex compound for new or previously sealed bituminous concrete tennis courts. It is designed for field mixing with sand and water to provide a fast-drying leveling and/or surface coat.
  • If your hard court needs to be resurfaced, an acrylic court system may answer your participation problems. For both private and public facilities, courts constructed from asphalt or concrete make up the largest percentage of tennis courts in the U.S. And of those courts, most players are sprinting to a ball on some type of acrylic surfacing system.
  • Custom Low-Maintenance Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing | Backyard Practice on Synthetic Floor Systems | No More Cracking
  • • Acrylic – A hard surface with low maintenance and allows for adjustable speed with rigid line definition. Pro One construct and install sports surfaces from Tweed Heads, to the Sunshine Coast. Pro One has constructed many tennis, netball, and basketball surfaces for resorts, hotels, tennis clubs, home owners, schools and complexes.