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  • Tennis court resurfacing is actually a two-phase process that involves aggressive repair of the existing court structure ( called the “repair phase”) followed by the application of an acrylic coating system (called the “surfacing phase”). Due to seasonal freezing and thawing, even well-constructed hard courts will develop cracks and low ...
  • This video shows mixing and application of Acrylic Resurfacer. SportMaster Acrylic Resurfacer is applied by a soft rubber sport squeegee, prior to application of colored tennis court surfaces.
  • 100% Acrylic resurfacer is designed to smooth and level pavement prior to colored tennis court surfacing layers. Can be used for a coating or patching material. Sand is already mixed eliminating the need to mix on site. Available in Black and Neutral.
  • One of the most durable resurfacing materials for a tennis court is an acrylic coating. This resurfacing choice can handle impacts, frequent wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions without becoming damaged. This coating will last for years before needing another resurfacing.
  • Application of 1-2 coats of acrylic resurfacer over entire tennis court area to fill voids and create a smooth surface. Application of 2-3 coats of color concentrate (two-tone) to provide color over court surface.
  • Plushcolor ® recreational coatings are 100% Acrylic, high performance, non-fading all weather color systems for use on tennis, basketball and pickleball courts.Plushcolor ® will adhere to asphalt, emulsified asphalt and suitable concrete surfaces (never before painted concrete must be properly prepped via acid etch and primed with E330). There are three key functions that provide the ...
  • How to resurface a tennis court. Here’s a recommended process for resurfacing a tennis court from start to finish. Check the existing surface first in detail. This first step is arguably the most crucial. Inspect the court surface carefully, check if it’s level and see if there are only a few cracks.
  • To find out more about a court built by Court Surface Specialists Ltd., or why our Asphalt Penetration System is the longest lasting tennis court for the Canadian climate email our team at: Laykold Acrylic Surface Coating System: Simply the best in the business, and we’ve used them all. When it comes to tennis court surface coating systems Laykold continues ...
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing ITB pg. 1 of 12 Invitation to Bid Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repair ... All acrylic materials must be the products of a single manufacturer. Only collegiate/professional-grade acrylic color coatings with an ITF speed rating will be accepted. Acrylic color mixed with locally-purchased sand is not acceptable.
  • KMS specializes in the resurfacing and maintenance of sport surfaces and sport fields including: Tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track & field, and Multi-sport Custom Game Courts. Our clients include private and public clubs, Schools, colleges and universities as well as local and state governments.