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  • Dyco's Insta Court All-in-One Sport Surface Kit is Dyco's Insta Court All-in-One Sport Surface Kit is a non-skid durable waterborne acrylic sport surface refinisher for concrete and asphalt recreation surfaces. Insta Court is tougher stronger and has a longer life than normal enamels. Insta Court's highly water-resistant coating can be used on driveways basketball courts tennis courts running ...
  • To resurface a tennis court, LM Filler, LM Topcoat and LM Line Primer and White Line Paint are needed. Laykold Masters 5 Complete with a custom, pre-fabricated shockpad for player comfort and finished with Laykold Masters acrylics, assuring consistent ball bounce, reliable footing and reduced player fatigue.
  • Hard Court Resurfacing “Bring your court back to life. Who wants to play on a dirty cracked court?” Tennis court resurfacing is actually a two-phase process that involves aggressive repair of the existing court structure ( called the “repair phase”) followed by the application of an acrylic coating system (called the “surfacing phase”).
  • Acrylic Resurfacer is a product that is commonly used when resurfacing tennis courts and other sport surfaces. All major manufacturers of acrylic sport surfaces produce this product and recommend using it on both new and existing court surfaces.
  • Sport Court Tennis then applies either a coat of asphalt emulsion or SportCoat Epoc acrylic resurfacer to the entire court. Our SportCoat Epoc is an epoxy modified acrylic resurfacer. This product is different from standard acrylic resurfacer and has superior adhesion properties to seal and bind substrate with the acrylic color coatings and ...
  • For a club or venue looking to add new courts or considering a change over to a different surface there are many additional considerations such as the suitability of the base, sub-base and even sub-grade for the intended final surface, resulting in a myriad of possible solutions of which the most cost-effective long-lasting base & surface may not be immediately obvious.
  • Nova Sports U.S.A. ® is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality All-Weather tennis court surfaces in the world. Novacrylic ® tennis court surfaces are 100% premium acrylic, all of our surfaces are 100% environmentally friendly. Novacrylic ® tennis court surfaces are available in a full range of All-Weather sport surface systems.
  • Southeastern Tennis Courts has been building and resurfacing tennis courts since 1966. In that time, we have also built our reputation. Our complete line of Tennis Court Supplies enables us to meet all of your tennis court needs.
  • A highly workable 100% acrylic latex emulsion to mix with Portland cement and sand for use prior to resurfacing. Used for patching depressions over 1/4″ deep and filling cracks larger than 3/8” wide.
  • California® Acrylic Resurfacer 920-29 ACRYLIC BASE FOR RECREATIONAL SURFACES 1.0 MATERIAL DESCRIPTION. Acrylic Resurfacer is a concentrated 100% acrylic latex binder designed for field mixing with silica sand and is to be applied to recreational surfaces constructed of hot-mix asphalt or Portland cement concrete.