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  • Tennis court is another area which needs thorough cleaning. We are best in tennis court pressure cleaning. We excel in our job and make the area sparkling clean. With our amazing technology of pressure wash and power wash, we give a speck free clean area. Our experts do their job with precision.
  • Rules for Clay Court Tennis at Frick Park: Grooming the courts after playing : 1- Groom the entire tennis court with the drag-net after each playing session or match, and before leaving the court.The drag net should be passed over the court with a zig-zag pattern by making turns sideline to sideline.
  • Watch out for moss on tennis courts. Not only does it cause unsightly green blotches, it's also slippery and can cause injury to players. Tennis courts have three main surface types: asphalt, clay and grass. Moss occurs on each, growing through cracks in asphalt surfaces, creating a film with algae ...
  • The painful wait for your tennis courts to dry can become a thing of the past with this professional Rain Shuttle Squeegee. Engineered using heavy-duty yet lightweight materials, this durable tennis court squeegee is an excellent addition to any tennis club, school or home tennis courts.
  • Tennis court moss removal and moss killer for tarmac. It’s important before starting any moss removal treatment on a tennis court that the surface is clean and free from any leaves, clumps of loose moss, lichen and bird droppings.
  • Hard Court High Pressure Cleaning. With Melbourne’s heat and constant rain, dirt builds up and affects the usability of your tennis court.. Our High Pressure Cleaning Specialists can treat and clean all hard court surfaces, without damaging your court, leaving your tennis court looking brand new again.
  • We know that when facilities are well-kept and maintained, participation increases. This is because people take pride in the courts that they play on. We proudly provide basic tennis court maintenance in-season for free for all of our clients.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning. Keep your sports surface looking like new for longer with our court maintenance services. Benefits of a clean court: Improve the safety of your courts by eliminating years of built up dirt and grime, which will cause a slippery surface when wet.
  • Browse > Home / Tennis talk / Dragon courts tennis court cleaning Dragon courts tennis court cleaning. August 29, 2013 by admin Filed under Tennis talk. 1 Comment. Tennis court cleaning by experts. Video Rating: 5 / 5. Didn\'t See what You Were Looking For? --Try Google Search for:
  • While out one morning in the park, a jogger found a brand new tennis ball, and seeing no one around it might belong to, he slipped it into the pocket of his shorts. Later, on his way home, he stopped at the pedestrian crossing, waiting for the lights to change.