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  • Either way, tennis court cleaning is a must to make sure the surface is safe and free of debris. Things like dirt, mold, mildew and algae can fester on a tennis court. This dirty surface poses a potential safety hazard to players, as one could slip and fall during a swing.
  • Maintaining your tennis courts generally depends on the kind of court surface you have. When it comes to the most basic method of cleaning your tennis courts : using a drag broom to sweep off debris, dust and dirt after playing will do. Rainwater removal can be done using rubber mops ( squeegee ) or foam rollers.
  • The average tennis court will prove to be very durable once you have it installed, and it won’t need to be maintained very much at all. By sweeping the court and doing some routine cleaning on it, you can prevent stains and keep it looking its best for years to come.
  • Clean lenses and check wiring/conduit minimum every 6 months if year round. Court Maintenance Equipment: Clean, lubricate, order replacement parts if required, repair, store. Drain gasoline or water if applicable. Court Buildings; Air Structures: Clean fabric, take down, store, winterize mechanical equipment. Metal Buildings
  • Tennis Court Supply has water removers like the Rain Shuttle Squeegee and Miracle Dri Roller, along with roller refills, of course. We also have the Roll-Dri Sponge Water Remover and several other kinds to ensure you can always keep your tennis court clean and dry. We also have water brooms to help you clean your court and have it looking fresh ...
  • Clean Court Complete Black. The perfect accessory for your court. The tray is a great place to rest keys, drinks, or tennis balls while playing. The basket is convenient for throwing away trash to keep your court clean. Comes standard with a hose clamp & u-bolt.
  • important to hire a professional to complete the pressure cleaning of the court because improper use of the equipment can permanently damage the acrylic court surface. It is also important to note that all pressure cleaning will leave perceptible marks on the court. Professional pressure cleaning of a single 60’ x 120’ tennis court is +/- $600.
  • Active Sports carries Cutrine liquid algaecide and Round-up ProDry herbicide to control algae, grass and weed growth on tennis courts. Filters. Sort by Sort by Show 24 36 48 View as $ 149.95 Cutrine Algaecide Applied Biochemists ...
  • Features. Specifications. Warranty. Use. The basket is convenient for throwing trash to keep your court clean. Use with net post mount trays, cooler stands, or just hang on a fence.
  • This is a tray only and does not include a hose clamp or u-bolt.