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  • Tennis Court Supply has water removers like the Rain Shuttle Squeegee and Miracle Dri Roller, along with roller refills, of course. We also have the Roll-Dri Sponge Water Remover and several other kinds to ensure you can always keep your tennis court clean and dry.
  • Hard Court Cleaning. Sportzing can provide a comprehensive service for your hard court. We are able to remove mould and clean and restore your hard court surface. Sportzing is Australia’s Largest Tennis Court Servicing Company Over 25,000 services; Over 5,000 clients; 27 + Years of Service
  • Keeping a court clean extends paint live and makes a court look great. The paint on a court may flake under the power of a high powered pressure - by washing with a lighter pressure waterbroom cleaning is ideal. Once wet, courts can be cleaned with a court roller.
  • To clean tennis shoes, use a stiff brush to remove any dirt or mud clumps from the surface. Next, remove the laces and put the shoes into a mesh laundry bag. Then, put them in your washing machine with a few towels and run a gentle cycle with cold water. Finally, let the tennis shoes air dry completely before lacing them back up and wearing them.
  • Tennis Court Deep Cleaning. Tennis Court Grooming, Hard Brushing. Moss & Algae Removal. Tennis Court Rejuvenation. Re-Sanding (ACI Dry Kiln Sand 4005) Sand Level Adjustment. Chemical Treatment. Regular Programmed Maintenance
  • Tennis Court Cleaning. Regardless of whether a tennis court surface is porous macadam, impervious or porous acrylic, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to maintain the looks and performance characteristics of tennis courts. This is achieved by experience personnel carrying out regular treatment using specialist equipment and techniques.
  • Welch Tennis Courts Inc is a leading provider of tennis court construction, tennis court resurfacing, and tennis court maintenance services. Visit today to learn more about our services or to shop our online store.
  • The prevalence of clay courts tends to coincide with the warmth and humidity of the climate. Clay is much cooler under a hot sun than a hard court is. In some hot, dry climates, the difficulty of keeping clay courts watered makes them rare, but where heat and water are both plentiful, such as in the southeastern US, clay is especially popular.
  • You wear your tennis shoes just about anywhere and they get dirty. Think about it: You wash your clothing after each wearing but rarely your shoes. When cleaning a regular, inexpensive pair of tennis shoes, it's fine to throw them into the washing machine with a load of similarly colored laundry. However, never put them into the dryer.
  • Find the best prices on Basketball Floor Traction and Cleaning at Anthem Sports. Shop our store today!