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  • Court Markings . Court markings are laid out onto the cured court and installed to the standards set by the United States Tennis Association. The result is a crisp, clean, and accurate playing surface. Cielo Vista Park - El Paso, TX. Special Designs
  • Tennis is a great sport, and tennis courts can be a coveted amenity of any apartment complex, neighborhood or country club community. However, it is important to keep a tennis court clean and playable.
  • Tennis court cleaning is a Melbourne Clean specialty. We know what it takes to get different types of courts looking their very best, and can have your tennis court cleaned and ready to go in time for the upcoming playing season.
  • Using dirty water to try to clean a floor is in itself a poor decision, but the chemicals used to clean a school hallway also are not the same ones recommended to clean hardwood. "The wrong cleaning product may make a floor slick, hazy or sticky," says Sorbet, who recommends having a dedicated set of cleaning tools and supplies for the court.
  • Premier Tennis Court Cleaning in Louisville, KY. We have cleaned hundreds of tennis courts in Louisville, KY and surrounds of Kentucky and Indiana. We specialize in concrete tennis courts, as well as rebound ace and other hard courts and synthetic surfaces, acrylic and bitumen/asphalt type substrates.
  • Shop Sports Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance Products ...
  • We love tennis court cleaning! Mother nature can make a tennis court look pretty bad during the off season. But Preferred Soft Wash knows how to safely make them look great again! No matter how long it’s been since your court (or courts) have been cleaned, we can bring them back to their old glory. Just give us a call!
  • Get maps, directions, contact and tennis court information for 51 tennis court facilities in Gilbert, AZ. Address or ZIP, City, and State (Anywhere in the world) Access. In/Outdoor. Lighted. Find Courts. Add new tennis courts × Connect with tennis players at your level Choose from any of the 51 tennis court facilities in Gilbert, AZ ...
  • 02 9420 1200. Sports Fields; Tennis Courts; Outdoor Line Marking; About Us. Sports Surface Maintenance
  • Dyco's Insta Court All-in-One Sport Surface Kit is Dyco's Insta Court All-in-One Sport Surface Kit is a non-skid durable waterborne acrylic sport surface refinisher for concrete and asphalt recreation surfaces. Insta Court is tougher stronger and has a longer life than normal enamels. Insta Court's highly water-resistant coating can be used on driveways basketball courts tennis courts running ...