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  • For basic cleaning, once a week should be fine, and you only really need to sweep up some leaves, pine needles, moss and other bits of debris. Depending on how much your tennis court is in the shade, you’ll probably want to do a thorough clean around once every few months, or once a year. How much does it cost?
  • Pressure washing a tennis court is best avoided unless your are planning to have your court resurfaced. The tennis court cleaning solution, soft brush, and moderate pressure to rinse the court usually takes care of dingy surfaces.
  • With a few basic supplies and equipment, your tennis court will look new again. Remove all court benches, trash cans, water jugs, balls or anything that will interfere with the cleaning process. Remove any debris, leaves, sand, pebbles, twigs, trash, dead insects and ball fuzz with a push broom or a leaf blower.
  • But, before performing a full tennis court cleaning with a pressure washing treatment, you will want to remove anything loose in the area that could be blown away, such as benches, tennis court equipment, balls, and more. Also, make sure there is a trench drain, ditch, or swale on the low side of the court to collect and remove water.
  • The basic cleaning method Maintaining your tennis courts generally depends on the kind of court surface you have. When it comes to the most basic method of cleaning your tennis courts, using a drag broom to sweep off debris, dust and dirt after playing will do. Rainwater removal can be done using rubber mops or foam rollers.
  • Clean your court frequently Clean your court monthly. Courts should be kept clean of all foreign matter – sand, pebbles, leaves, dirt, debris, moss, mold and mildew. Use a power blower or rinse the surface of debris not washed away by rainfall.
  • Good Day,At Court-side, we purchased two Elgee Sweepers to remove dust and fuzz from the surface of our tennis courts. Both sweepers are relatively noise free and have worked very well in keeping our courts in great condition for our members.
  • Details make a difference when building a professional tennis court. Adding the convenience of tennis court accessories puts the finishing touches on a great place to play. Keep your courts neat and tidy with signage, water stations, valets, shoe cleaners, and more.