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  • The Tennis Instructor category is designed as a first step into a career as a tennis teacher, or for those who want to give back to the game by teaching part-time. Tennis Instructors will receive coverage under the USPTA's $6 million liability insurance policy for annual dues of just $199 upon completion of certification.
  • Tennis instructors are coaches who work to improve a player's game. While some instructors focus on teaching beginners the fundamentals of tennis, top level instructors could work with players at ...
  • Tennis instructors directly affect the lives of both children and adults. For this reason, the National Tennis Academy® – USNTA™ has sought, since it’s organization in 1982, to protect the interests of this segment of the public by setting standards and training persons to become tennis instructors.
  • Tennis Instructors for all levels. It can be difficult to find a teacher that is either experienced enough to truly make your experienced player tennis play better, or who has the patience and drill strategies to bring your beginner tennis game to the next level.
  • Tennis Instructor - Head Coach - Recreation and Parks. Howard County 3.9. Columbia, MD. $18 - $32 an hour. Communication skills. Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks is hiring head tennis coaches for youth and adult tennis classes, located at various county parks.
  • What Is a Tennis Instructor? Tennis instructors show others how to better their tennis game. They may work as coaches for beginners, recreational players, high school students, college players or even professional athletes. They may provide individual or group lessons, or they may be coaches for high school or college teams.
  • Get started with tennis lessons, search for your coach today. Search by city or call us: 866-454-2747. $40 Off Any 12-Lesson Package Use promo code "french40" during checkout -- Ends 6/20 250,000+ Lessons taken. 2,500+ Qualified tennis coaches. 1,500+ Cities served. Find a coach
  • The tennis industry is primed for growth, and becoming a certified teaching professional is one way to help build your career. The two organizations that certify individuals, the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) are now fully accredited by the USTA.
  • Our instructors in San Antonio, many with extensive experience as tennis coaches, will personally give you a lesson that exceeds your expectations. Whether you are a complete beginner or your trying to win your section of your tennis league , we'll be able to set you with a coach that perfectly fits your tennis needs.