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  • $49.95 Babolat B Ball Felt 24 Ball Pack Compare $39.95 Penn QST 36 Foam Speed Ball 2 Pack Compare $6.95 Penn QST 36 Felt Training Ball 3 Pack Compare $5.49 Penn Control Plus Green Dot Tennis Balls (12 pack) Compare $19.95 Babolat Mini Tennis Kit Compare $117.99 Babolat 18 Foot Mini Tennis Net Compare $119.99
  • QuickStart is the world’s fastest-growing children’s tennis program, with more than 400 participating professionals and sites around the NYC Metro area alone! Why QuickStart Tennis works The format overcomes the factors that intimidate young players: full-sized courts, and full-sized racquets.
  • Quickstart tennis is a simple but effective concept that exists to get children interested in and engaged with tennis at an early age. It uses child-sized courts and equipment to make it easier for young kids to run around and play. Equipment is smaller and easier to use than that for adult tennis, too.
  • The QuickStart Tennis play format is a chance for kids to learn real tennis and have real FUN doing it. 10 and Under (10U) Tennis follows almost every other youth sport and uses racquets, balls and courts that are sized right for kids so that they enjoy the game right from the start.
  • Original lesson plans for the QuickStart Tennis format, introduced in February 2008 AKA 10 & Under Tennis, Youth Tennis, Net Generation (latest incarnation) Learn to Rally & Play Practice Plans (Ages 5-17) HERE Age-appropriate, detailed practice plans for coaches and teachers After-School Tennis Program "How-To" HERE
  • The 18’ x 36’ (Red Court) is recommended. Net height should be 2’9”. Racquets/Balls:Players should use 19”, 21” or 23” racquets and red foam or red felt balls. •Scoring Score by ones. The first team to score 7 points winning by 2 (a tiebreak) wins a game. Play 2 out of 3 games. Assets...
  • QUICKSTART TENNIS FOR AGES 4-12 A customized tennis and coordination program for kids aged 4 to 12 that brings the game to a size that enables children to progress more easily and quickly. By using size-appropriate equipment and courts, the game of tennis becomes more fun for them and allows kids to get right into the action from the start.
  • Description Instill a love for tennis in young athletes by teaching them how to be their best on the court. This course brings you the essentials of coaching tennis to kids 10-and-under.
  • QUICKSTART is USTA’s exciting play format for learning tennis. This junior tennis program is structured for kids to be able to rally, play quickly and have fun! This format of play is for beginning and advanced beginning juniors. Juniors will be grouped according to age.