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  • A thorough cleaning to remove surface dust, dirt and mildew helps extend the life of the court, keeps it safe for players and improves its appearance. The process of cleaning the court does not require professionals. With a few basic supplies and equipment, your tennis court will look new again.
  • We will go over some other important tennis court maintenance items that you may want to consider, so that your court will provide many years of enjoyment. Cleaning Your Tennis Court Surface. It is a good idea to clean your tennis court surface once each month. Most of the time, a blower and broom will do the trick.
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  • Do wear tennis shoes; they are specifically made for tennis court surfaces so they don’t leave any scuff marks on the surface. Pressure wash your hard courts for the best way to clean them. Pressure washing buys you time before you will need a new coat of paint for your tennis courts and they are like polishers too.
  • For Williams's wannabes, a home tennis court is a dream. Or, perhaps you are involved with a local community center or athletic club for your tennis playing and practicing. Either way, tennis court cleaning is a must to make sure the surface is safe and free of debris. Things like dirt, mold, mildew and algae can fester on a tennis court.
  • Check out Grand Slam’s range of high quality tennis court cleaning products. We stock tennis court drying products, including the spare rubber and squeegees. We also supply leave sweeping devices that will ensure that your tennis court is constantly clean and ready for play.
  • American Safe Wash is Connecticut’s premier maintenance cleaning service for acrylic tennis courts. Tennis court cleaning services are usually performed to remove the unsightly mold and mildew from the courts and to reduce the potential slip hazard.
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  • Tennis court maintenance tips for acrylic surfaces. Cleaning methods and maintenance guidelines for extending the life of indoor and outdoor tennis courts.
  • Tennis court cleaning is an important element of tennis court maintenance. For a safe and playable court, our team will eliminate dirt and debris including moss and algae. With an effective and efficient approach, our thorough cleaning methods remain sensitive to the needs of the tennis court.