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  • Teaching Tennis Workshops & Certification January 2, 2017 ADVERTISEMENT. The coach is where current and aspiring players turn to learn the basics of tennis, to refine their swings, fine-tune their serves and advance their skills and their pursuit of our lifetime sport. For many, coaches are their point of entry into the game. ...
  • Tennis teaching professionals throughout the United States and other countries are finding that with the National Tennis Academy they always receive individualized, person-to-person attention. You progress at your own pace. You study at home, practice the techniques with your own students on your local court, and then send in your completed ...
  • Teaching the next generation of tennis players is easier than ever when you use the right teaching materials. We have everything you need to guide young tennis stars: from boundary markers and targets to racquet sensors and tennis training aids.
  • Teaching how to hit a baby ball softly, a mommy ball to the middle of the court and a daddy ball as far as you can. Use this drill to get the point of contact emphasizing the baby ball and hitting up. 9. Over the Moon FOREHAND LOB Have a bucket of balls at the service line for the students.
  • In addition to tennis mounts, our collection of Stoplight Cones serve as great tennis teaching aids as well. These are highly durable sets of 12'' tall cones in vibrant red, yellow, and green. Our colorful cones can be used for target groups and decision-making drills based on the color of the cone.
  • Tennis Teaching Professional Tennis Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey is looking for a full-time or part-time Tennis Teaching Professional. Position Overview: Tennis Teaching Instructor, FT/PT, desired experience, prefer USPTA /PTR certified. Level of play 4.5+ or college competitive experience.
  • I am a tennis teacher and I try to teach through this site by using the principles of teaching and learning. From simple to complex, teach through stages, clear, simple and concise instructions, one thing at a time, etc. These are the principles of teaching and by applying them we achieve the fastest progress.
  • Tennis Drills For Every Level. Find numerous effective tennis drills that anybody can do on a court. Fortunately tennis allows itself to a variety of options for practice, both with racket and ball or without. With many great tennis drills, a coach or friend is needed to feed you balls to get as many repetitions as possible in short amount of time.
  • Bob Scott is the Director of the LTC, splitting his time between keeping the club running smothly and teaching group and private lessons. Bob's Superdrills are the most popular at the LTC and give players a chance to take advantage of Bob's lifetime of tennis knowledge.
  • OnCourt OffCourt is the world's leading source for hundreds of creative training and fitness aids, educational materials, and quality court equipment for the tennis industry.