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  • Hairline frame cracks or cracks in the butt cap at the end of a tennis racket's handle are rare, but can develop over time from wear and tear. Unfortunately, a permanent repair to restore the structural integrity of the racket’s frame is not possible. Even so, a temporary patch or butt cap replacement may buy you ...
  • Asphalt and Concrete tennis courts crack over time without exception. The number one maintenance cost for an all weather tennis court is crack repair. Most court owners who perform regular maintenance eventually come to the same conclusion when considering crack repair, the cost for the life cycle of the repair is generally too expensive.
  • Cracking of Asphalt Tennis Courts. April 10, 2016 March 26, 2017 Munson Inc milwaukee tennis court repair, tennis court asphalt cracks, Tennis courts Asphalt tennis courts in Milwaukee and areas with the changing seasons can experience the inevitable surface cracks that will need to be repaired.
  • Why Does My Tennis Court Crack? Mar,23,2012 | By Kevin J. Healion. ... No one can really permanently repair a crack once it has developed. A contractor can fill a crack or cover a crack using a membrane, but the truth is, the crack will return, typically after the winter months. A better question to ask is: “Which method of repair will last ...
  • The crack walls must be thoroughly dried to provide a successful bond between the new material and surface. The repair team dries each crack carefully before filling it. After the crack is filled and sealed, our experts will make the surface smooth to bring the tennis court back to its original state and prevent the material from curling.
  • tennis courts since 1993. ARMOR® Crack Repair System has been used to successfully repair millions of linear feet of cracks on tennis courts around the world and throughout the United States. Tennis court owners, contractors, and landscape architects worldwide are discovering every day the advantages of the ARMOR ® Crack Repair System.
  • Crack Repair & Leveling Products - Asphalt & Concrete ElasticCrack™ Pourable Crack Filler (cracks 1/4" and less in width) ElasticCrack™ Pourable is a 100% acrylic elastomeric crack filler designed for filling cracks 1/4" and less in width on asphalt and concrete sport surfaces.
  • Some major cracks will be permanently repaired, and some of them will reappear, but as smaller, less troublesome cracks. We expect that the use of these products will enable owners to use existing cracked tennis courts that would otherwise have to be ripped out or treated with a more costly overlay type of repair. DILUTION: Use Novacaulk undiluted.
  • The Best Tennis Court Crack Repair and Resurfacing Services It is our job to make your tennis court resurfacing project is taken care by the best of the best when it comes to local professionals. We can help you to quickly connect with contractors who specialize in tennis court resurfacing services, as well as other projects.
  • Although your tennis court is technically still cracked, that crack is isolated beneath an expandable membrane hidden from view. After this repair is covered with color coating materials, it is virtually unnoticeable. The special membrane allows the crack to expand and contract without the crack reappearing on the surface.