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  • Treating Asphalt & Concrete Cracks. Crack Repair for Asphalt and Concrete Tennis and Basketball Courts So you have a few cracks in your court. Just about everyone does, especially in the freeze/thaw parts of the country. Below you will read how to repair various widths and types of cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • The ARMOR® Crack Repair System is the only crack repair product proven to keep structural tennis court cracks from reappearing on the surface of tennis courts since 1993. Visit ARMOR® Crack Repair System. Our commitment for quality prompted us to take-on and solve the single biggest problem in our industry’s tennis court cracking.
  • Tennis court have cracks? There are a variety of repair options including paving, slip sheets, turf applications and flexible membranes. Choose the one that best suits your budget.
  • The GUARDIAN Crack Repair System is a long term repair that is easily and quickly installed and coated with standard tennis court acrylic coating materials. Most importantly, the GUARDIAN Crack Repair System is waterproof. By preventing water from penetrating into the newly repaired crack, the deterioration of that crack is significantly reduced.
  • Rubberized Crack Filler and Court Repair Supplies. We offer do it your self kits and supplies. Our rubberized crack filler is easy to use and custom blended for any size crack up to 2" wide. If you need it, chances are we can supply it or have it in stock. Note: Crack filling is great for minimizing the crack but is not a permanent repair. Our ...
  • Repair phase. Before your tennis court can be given a new surface, it needs to have any issues addressed first. These can include filling and fixing cracks, repairing drainage issues, removing moss, fungus, and other growths from the court, leveling the court, and filling any low areas or depressions.
  • At Surface Pro, we specialize in the process of repairing and resurfacing tennis, basketball and pickle-ball courts. We serve clients in both residential and commercial markets. In the past decade our team has been able to build an impeccable reputation of integrity and reliability while serving hundreds of k-12 schools, colleges, and ...
  • Hawaii Court Crack Repair. You no doubt remember when your tennis or athletic court was brand new and perfectly smooth. However, over time, an asphalt court can crack and start to look ugly. Not to mention, an uneven court surface could adversely affect your game. All Court Hawaii have been repairing a variety of cracks on tennis courts ...
  • The GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product for tennis courts combines an advanced flexible fabric with an ultra aggressive adhesive capable of 300% elongation. This creates a crack repair membrane that allows the crack below to move and is capable of returning to the original positing. Nothing or no one can stop the ground from moving.
  • We often hear “my biggest issues with maintaining our tennis courts are dealing with the cracks”. Unfortunately, this is a huge part of maintaining a safe and playable court surface.