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  • Basketball Court Resurfacing and Striping (Line Painting) The expert team at Schubert Tennis can create your perfect basketball court, be it an addition to your current court or a completely new installation. From half-court, high school, NCAA, professional and even international ball we can install, stripe and repair any court with any configuration. If you […]
  • COVID-19 Tennis Court Guidelines. The TLIA Tennis Committee was established in 1973 when the present courts were rebuilt over an old cement slab. The courts were once again rebuilt in 2016 with funds from TLIA and individual member donations. Both courts are striped for tennis and pickleball.
  • 'Tennis courts are designed to make a ball bounce, ... 'Stripes and green grass are achievable for the every day lawn at home with modern turf which is a mixture of fescues, bents and dwarf rye ...
  • NEXT-COURT systems support USAPA Pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in the world. A 30’X60’ NEXT-COURT Summer Surface can be installed and striped to support summer pickleball play. Flex-Tile technology allows the Summer Surface to conform to imperfect surfaces resulting in consistent ball bounce and improved warm weather footing.
  • SportMaster is a globally recognized leading manufacturer of tennis court resurfacing products, tennis court paint, and tennis court crack filling and repair products. Our 100% acrylic tennis court color coatings produce highly attractive, durable surfaces with player-friendly spin responsive play.
  • 10 and Under Tennis - 36 Foot Court Standards (for Pavement and Playgrounds) The Court . The standard 36 foot court shall be rectangular, 36 feet long and 18 feet wide, made up of 2 base lines (18 feet) and two sidelines (36 feet). Clear (Overrun) distances from sidelines to fixed objects or the edge of the pavement should be a minimum of eight (8) standards for establishing 36 tennis...
  • Dynaflex Sports Surfacing is the premier sports surfacing product line from Neyra Industries. Redesigned for superior performance, durability and longevity, Dynaflex provides customers with a premium, 100% acrylic polymer fortified surface solution with reinforcing pigments that create up to 50% … Continued
  • One would think, a tennis net, is a tennis net, is a tennis net and choose a net on cost alone. However, there is much to consider when choosing the perfect tennis net for your court than cost. Choosing the right net will ensure a longer life-span for your net without it becoming an eye-sorer.
  • Sports Court Painting: If you are looking for a company to stripe a new or existing playground, basketball court, or tennis area, this usually takes extra time to assure precise regulation measurements are given everything is square and true.Court lines are done according to the given dimensions and transformed to the canvas with great care before lines are laid.
  • 2" FOIL BASED TENNIS / BASKETBALL COURT MARKING / STRIPING TAPE ROLLS. AVAILABLE IN WHITE AND YELLOW in 150 FOOT ROLLS. ITEMS SHIPPED "FAST" VIA PRIORITY MAIL OR UPS WITHIN THE U.S. Our court striping tape is inexpensive, durable, and can be applied by anyone. Simply apply it to clean, dry surface and press it on.