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  • COVID-19 Tennis Court Guidelines. The TLIA Tennis Committee was established in 1973 when the present courts were rebuilt over an old cement slab. The courts were once again rebuilt in 2016 with funds from TLIA and individual member donations. Both courts are striped for tennis and pickleball.
  • ClayTech Tennis Courts – the best of clay courts and hard courts rolled into one. This innovative new court surface is in a class all by itself. ClayTech is a high quality, premium court surface that offers the comfort of a clay court and all-weather playability while eliminating the cracking and consequent re-coating required with hard courts.
  • NEXT-COURT systems support USAPA Pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in the world. A 30’X60’ NEXT-COURT Summer Surface can be installed and striped to support summer pickleball play. Flex-Tile technology allows the Summer Surface to conform to imperfect surfaces resulting in consistent ball bounce and improved warm weather footing.
  • We apply two coats of Stripe Rite (100% acrylic primer) and then two coats of T/C White Line Paint. All tape is removed upon completion of job. As pictured above the white lines are for a tennis court and the yellow lines are for a pickleball court. We can do both on one court!
  • 10 and Under Tennis - 36 Foot Court Standards (for Pavement and Playgrounds) The Court . The standard 36 foot court shall be rectangular, 36 feet long and 18 feet wide, made up of 2 base lines (18 feet) and two sidelines (36 feet). Clear (Overrun) distances from sidelines to fixed objects or the edge of the pavement should be a minimum of eight (8) standards for establishing 36 tennis...
  • The Adidas Game Court M: DURABLE SHOES THAT STAR ON COURT. Serve up some style when you hit the club. The breathable mesh upper on these lightweight tennis shoes hugs your foot to support every move. A cushioned midsole keeps you comfortable from the moment you pull them on.
  • As for the courts, they’re all striped and the nets are up in preparation for the opening, which can’t come soon enough since the pandemic has brought about a big tennis boon. Top Picks In ...
  • HEAT.RDY Primeblue Tennis Y-Tank Top ... SoleMatch Bounce Tennis Shoes. Stycon Laceless Clay Court Shoes. 3-Stripes Club Tee. Tennis Y-Tank Top. Club Tennis Tank Top. Two-in-One Skirt. HEAT.RDY Club Tee. Escouade Tank Top. MatchCode Tee. PLISSÉ TENNIS SHORTS HEAT.RDY. Club Track Suit. Windweave Jacket. Club Skirt 16-Inch. Club 3-Stripes Polo ...
  • 5.1.2 Pipe and Footing Tables for Commercial Tennis Court Fencing _____ 22 5.1.3 Preferred Range of Chain Link Fabric for Commercial Tennis Courts _____ 23 5.2 Domestic Tennis Courts complying with AS1725-2010-Part-3 _____ 24
  • As a manufacturer of acrylic sport surfaces, we are frequently asked how to paint a pickleball court.. There are a few different levels and options, when it comes to painting your court, and each will result in different levels of cost and quality.