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  • Tennis Courts Resurfacing . Is your tennis court fading, cracking, peeling or do you have bird baths all over the place. If so, your court should be repaired before it requires re-asphalting. Most courts can be repaired then resurfaced, but some will need to be completely redone. Depending on how much money you will want to spend.
  • Find tennis court contractors near me, for tennis court maintenance, repair, resurfacing or construction. This is a common search term and one that leads many people to us. SportMaster is a leading manufacturer of 100% acrylic sport surfacing and repair products for all types of courts.
  • HomeAdvisor is the simplest way to find and book tennis court construction and repair services near you. Connect with the best tennis court contractors in your area who are experts at building, repairing, and resurfacing. Read millions of reviews and get information about project costs.
  • Mixing and application of Acrylic Patch Binder for leveling of depressions on tennis courts and other sport surfaces. Low spots, otherwise referred to as birdbaths, can hold water and cause damage ...
  • Tennis Court Repair Cost. The cost to fix sports courts can vary depending on area size and the severity of damage. If you've got a large area which needs to be fixed the price of repairs will generally cost more than if it was just a small area. You can reduce the need for costly repairs by carrying out regular maintenance.
  • VersaCourt tennis courts are fracture-resistant and provide an exceptionally durable surface that stands up to harsh weather conditions and aggressive play. The best part is, VersaCourt tennis court systems can be installed directly over your existing surface in a matter of hours, eliminating frequent repair and resurfacing costs. Learn More
  • Sport surface offers you multiple court construction services at one place. We have an expert team to give you high quality service. We provide services for tennis court, running tracks, giant chess, basketball court, inline hockey, fencing, soccer fields, Bocce ball court etc.
  • DTC specializes in residential and commercial tennis, pickleball, basketball and sport courts providing construction, resurfacing and equipment with exceptional quality and service for all types of new and older projects. At Dobbs Tennis, we are proud of our record of on-time and within-budget projects.
  • ACRYTECH™ Sports Surfaces is located east of Atlanta, Georgia in Decatur. We supply tennis court paint and other types of surface coatings and repair products for hundreds of installers and thousands of courts across the nation. Browse our website to find an installer in your area.
  • Court Repair Products. Hover over the “i” to learn about Court Repair. Sport Patch (Deep Patch) A highly workable 100% acrylic latex emulsion to mix with Portland cement and sand for use prior to resurfacing. Used for patching depressions over 1/4″ deep and filling cracks larger than 3/8” wide. Technical Data Sheet ...