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  • All hard tennis courts generally need to be resurfaced every 4-5 years. This is an important process to prevent permanent damage, and to fill or repair cracks. Acrylic crack fillers are the more economical choice for court repairs. However, if needed, our expert technicians will be happy to discuss other more costly repair options as well.
  • Color Crack Repair is a 100% acrylic trowel grade crack filler for filling cracks up to 1” wide on tennis, pickleball and other sports surfaces. It is a flexible and tinted, sand-filled acrylic latex patching compound to repair cracks on surfaces that don’t need a resurfacing. Available in Player’s Choice Colors.
  • Resurfacing your tennis court is an important part of the regular maintenance of the court. It not only improves the appearance of the court, but it also creates a safer playing surface and protects the court from further deterioration. It is recommended that you resurface your court every 3-5 years. While each court has its own characteristics ...
  • Signs Your Tennis Court Needs Repaired or Replaced. The first and most notable sign that of a tennis court in need of repair are the occurrence of cracks and/or root damage that continue to grow daily. Cracks can be a symptom of smaller or larger problems below the surface so they should be addressed immediately.
  • All weather tennis courts require routine resurfacing every four to six years depending upon the amount of play and environmental conditions such as the amount of leaf fall on the court, shade, etc. In addition to performing routine resurfacing, some “interim tennis court repairs” such as pressure cleaning and crack repairs should be ...
  • Further, the repair cost ($56,516) is 39% of the replacement cost ($145,310), therefore, replacement is not eligible. Second Appeal. With a March 9, 1998, letter, OES transmitted the subgrantee's second appeal of FEMA's denial of funding for replacement of the tennis courts. The subgrantee's appeal is based on the opinion of an.
  • The TitanTrax Shield is a thermally and dimensionally stable multi-ply fabric designed for cracked tennis courts. The “Shield” is unique in that it is a repair fabric which is applied directly over the entire cracked asphalt or concrete tennis court pavements instead of just over an individual crack on the surface.
  • #1 Crack Repair System for Structural Cracks in your Tennis Court or Other Sport Surfaces Guaranteed
  • This is a video showing how to patch cracks on a tennis court or other asphalt / concrete recreational surface.
  • If you would rather leave your court repairs to an experienced tennis court contractor, we can refer you to qualified local tennis court companies that can provide free estimates on repair, resurfacing, and construction. Just visit our locate installer page and we will send you their contact information.