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  • 25. 1994.75. Head 2 Head. Show 10 More. Showing. 10. items per page. Official rankings for the ITF World Tennis Tour Junior Rankings presented by IMG Academy, featuring head-to-heads.
  • must be named on the official ITF list of approved balls issued by the International Tennis Federation. 4. THE RACKET Rackets, which are approved for play under the Rules of Tennis, must comply with the specifications in Appendix II. The International Tennis Federation shall rule on the question of whether any racket or prototype complies with ...
  • The International Tennis Federation has signed a partnership agreement with the Sports, Media, and Entertainment arm of TWG Global, the holding company led by businessman and philanthropist Mark Walter.. This joint venture will create a new business model for the Billie Jean King Cup, the women’s World Cup of Tennis.. The ITF will hold a 51% majority share of the new entity.
  • The origins of tennis are a matter of dispute. Some say that early versions of the game were invented in ancient Egypt, a theory based on the origins of the name. It is sometimes claimed that the name ‘tennis’ derives from the Egyptian town of Tinnis alongside the Nile, and that the word ‘racquet’ evolved from the Arabic word for the ...
  • Italy. 11. 24. Head 2 Head. Show 10 More. Showing. 10. items per page. Official rankings for the ITF Women's World Tennis Tour, featuring singles, doubles and head-to-heads.
  • Italy and Brazil share glory at 2023 ITF Beach Tennis World Cup. Beach Tennis World Cup 2023. Beach Tennis. See all tour news. Find out more about the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as an organisation, the rules & regulations in tennis and the main ITF events.
  • Ross McLean. Following an absence of nearly two decades, the ITF World Tennis Tour has returned to Ethiopia with the staging of two junior tournaments in Addis Ababa – the nation’s capital city. It was 2006 the last time an ITF World Tennis Tour tournament was held in Ethiopia, although that long 17-year wait has come to end with the ...
  • Latest media. Credit: Paul Zimmer Mikael Ymer (SWE) in action at 2022 Wimbledon. Mikael Ymer (25) is a tennis player from Sweden who has a career-high singles ranking of No. 50. Click here for a full player profile.
  • The Tennis Anti-Doping programme is managed and enforced by the ITF on behalf of the ATP, WTA and Grand Slams. The programme applies to all players competing at tournaments under the ITF, WTA, ATP and IOC umbrella. Its purpose is to maintain the integrity of tennis and to protect the health and rights of all tennis players.
  • More than half of this figure was funded by the ITF, with the remainder contributed by the Grand Slam Player Development Programme (GSPDP), Olympic Solidarity, the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation. The GSPDP is administered by the ITF on behalf of the Grand Slam® Board. Find out more