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  • The High Performance tennis program is for high potential, committed junior tennis players. Players are taught, using a clear and logical development pathway from beginner level to nationally ranked player. ... High Performance 10 and under players do not need a UTR. However, they must be pre-approved by a High Point Coach.
  • Coach Chris has taught tennis all over the Atlanta area and most recently with Emory University. He has vast experience coaching adult ALTA and USTA teams, adult group and private lessons, cardio tennis, high performance junior players, recreational level junior players, and private lessons to all ages and levels.
  • At the high-performance part of the academy, players can attend between 2 and 5 sessions per week in the afternoons, each lasting 2-3 hours. In terms of the ‘ideal academy’, it does not meet criteria 4 to 8, but it is certainly worth considering if your aim is to play tennis in college.
  • High Performance Tennis. RSC is the largest Junior Tennis Development Centre in Ottawa. Each year a number of our high performance tennis athletes compete at the Provincial and National level. RSC prides ourselves on being athlete-centered. This means that every ball hit within the program is structured and planned for the maximum benefit to ...
  • The Sanchez-Casal tennis academy is also located in Florida, in the city of Naples. It has great facilities, including 38 tennis courts, an Olympic pool, a gym, a restaurant, and even dorms for players. The academy was founded in 1998 by the two tennis legends Emilio Sanchez Vicario and Sergio Casal (both were former #1 in the world in doubles).
  • Brechbuhl C, Schmitt L, Millet GP,. et al. Shock microcycle of repeated-sprint training in hypoxia and tennis performance: case study in a rookie professional player. ... The relationship of training load to physical-capacity changes during international tours in high-performance junior tennis players. Int J Sports Physiol Perform 2015; 10: 253 ...
  • The USA Tennis High Performance Profile (HPP) is a series of musculoskeletal tests that was assembled for the purpose of identifying muscular imbalances and pinpointing areas on which tennis players should focus their physical training. The information obtained from the HPP can be used to prevent injury and optimize on-court performance.
  • One of the major goals of teaching tennis is to maximize tennis performance while minimizing risk of injury. Much effort has been devoted to identifying factors related to tennis play and tennis technique that may influence the risk of injury in tennis play. These factors that have been identified may be grouped two categories: 1.
  • Tennis Canada has developed a Long-term athlete development pathway (LTAD) for players. It progresses through 7 steps from a player’s first exposure to the sport, to being a professional player. Partway through the development, the path splits and players can choose a more “High Performance” stream or,
  • The aim of the present study was to assess the physical fitness variables associated with individual performance in elite table tennis players according to sex. Forty-eight elite players divided into males ( n = 24; 25.38 ± 4.01 years) and females ( n = 24; 22.33 ± 3.83 years) participated in the study.