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  • Shop our portable tennis score keepers and download our free tennis score cards. We also have replacement numbers for sale if you need it. 877-628-2488 [email protected]
  • tennis scoring web tournament feature A tournament is essentially a way to group multiple tennis matches together for fans, other players and parents to view online.
  • Sometimes players end up with a tied score in a set (6-6). In this case, the players enter a tiebreak, where the first player to seven points wins the set, and must also be won by two points. An example of a tennis score with a tiebreak would be 7-6 (to represent the games) and 7-5 (to represent the tiebreak points).
  • The score is now 7/6 (not over yet – remember you have to win by 2) Your opponent wins the next point. The score is now 7/7; You win the following 2 points. The game is over, and the score is 9-7; There you have it! At first glance, tennis scoring can seem ridiculously confusing, but hopefully, after breaking it down, you’ve started to ...
  • 4 Points =Game. The serving side is the main person in charge of keeping score. They also call out the score right before serving each time, with their score going first. That means if they won the first point, the score is 15-0. If the server has won two points, but the opponent has won three, the score is 30-40.
  • Whether you play for fun or you’re in a competitive league, USTA provides you with articles discussing everything about how tennis scoring works. When you want to learn how to play tennis, for singles or doubles, we help solve your problems with answers to your questions related to tennis rules and regulations.
  • Tennis scoring can seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll feel like a seasoned fan. Here's a primer on scoring as the tournament kicks off, so you can keep up with the ...
  • Fillable and printable Tennis Score Sheet 2021. Fill, sign and download Tennis Score Sheet online on
  • Using the right tennis gear is critical to building your skills and maintaining your competitive advantage. The most important piece of tennis equipment is your racquet; be sure to choose a tennis racquet that is the appropriate weight, balance, and head size for your individual swing. Tennis shoes also play a big role in your efforts on the court.