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  • 1 - 60 of 76 Famous, Important and Notable Tennis Players ranked by their popularity on On This Day. 1 - Serena Williams. 2 - Steffi Graf. 3 - Martina Navratilova. 4 - Björn Borg.
  • Here are the Greatest Men’s Tennis Players of All-Time Ranking 10. Ken Rosewall Country: Australia Born: 2 November 1934; Turned Pro: 1956 Retired: 1980 Prize Money: $1.6 million Grand Slams Won (singles): 8 Fast and agile, Ken was nothing short of a phenomenal tennis player who played so well that his relevance during the pre-open era transcended into the post open era.
  • CBS Sports has the latest tennis news from the WTA and ATP tours. Full coverage of major tournaments, top players, and highlights
  • C.F. Stewart. Unflappable: Whitney Reed Part 3. Tour Portrait. Jim Fawcette: Venus Williams. Miss Hits. Corky Cramer: Cement Feet. Classic Lesson. Damien Lafont: Head Fixation and the Mental Game. As a subscriber you have access to every issue ever published Click Here!
  • Find Tennis Players Search for players by skill level nearby 1.0-2.0 - Beginner 2.5-3.0 - Advanced Beginner 3.5-4.0 - Intermediate 4.5-5.0 - Advanced 5.5+ - World Class Any gender Male Female
  • Australian Tennis Hall of Fame. Established in 1993, the Australian Tennis Hall of Fame is one of the highest honours Australian tennis players can receive. View the Australian Tennis Hall of Fame.
  • A tennis player will want to have a combination of both, as there is a constant stop and go motion on the court. They need to have the acceleration to go from side to side to hit a ball, but they also need the endurance so they can last the whole match. (Steve Beck, ...
  • Suzanne Rachel Flore Lenglen was born on 5/24/1899 in Compiegne, France. She died on 7/4/1938 at age 39 from pernicious anemia. Lenglen was one of the greatest female tennis players in the years before the Open era. She won 31 Grand Slam titles (16 French Open and 15 Wimbledon – in singles, doubles and mixed doubles).
  • Georgia Tennis Foundation. Tweets by USTA_Georgia. As a non-profit organization, USTA Georgia offers a variety of tennis programs for players of all ages and abilities in an effort to “promote and develop the growth of tennis” in every community in Georgia. Our rich tennis history and warm climate combine to make Georgia the capital of the ...
  • Steffi Graf is a married woman. She was in a relationship with German tennis player Alexander Mronz, while they were both emerging in the game. Graf had a brief affair with the English pop singer, Mick Hucknall in 1991. She managed to hold the famous womanizer in a relationship for a little over a year before he decided to explore pastures anew. Steffi started dating German racer Michael ...