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  • Full Match (Best of 3)Robin (LK18.1/NTRP 3.5) - white shirtFrank (LK16.1/NTRP 4.0) - blue shirt
  • Tennis Partner is an international community of amateur tennis players, with over 22.000 registered members, playing in over 450 tennis tournaments in Romania, Moldova, Italy, Bulgaria and, starting 2021, in many more Eastern European countries.
  • The first professional tennis game was played in 1926. Charles C. Pyle was an American promoter who organized the paid traveling tour. Professional players were barred from these tournaments, but by 1968 most tournaments were open to professional as well as amateur players.
  • The Capital Area Tennis Association serves Austin and the surrounding metropolitan area as a non-profit community service tennis organization. CATA's membership is composed of tennis enthusiasts who are dedicated to fostering national and international amateur sports competition through junior and adult programs that promote the sport and its ...
  • WTT 2020 Rewind: The Bryan Brothers Final Interview (7/29/20) We didn't know it at the time, but the Bryan Brothers final interview of the WTT2020 season would be one of the last of their careers.
  • A tennis tournament is a great way to get a bunch of friends together, and play some competitive tennis. Our tournament software gives you all the tools you need to manage your tournaments. You can even collect fees and award prizes.
  • In amateur tennis the toss is often performed by spinning the racket. Touch: Occurs when a player touches any part of the net when the ball is still in play, losing the point. Tramline: Line defining the limit of play on the side of a singles or doubles court.
  • Live up to date Scores of the most exciting Women’s Tennis matches & tournaments. Turn to the WTA for the best coverage of your favorite players!
  • 16. Rita Ora was spotted arriving at the trendy Firehouse in London after performing at the Capital radio summertime ball in Wembley Stadium, however when Rita arrived she showed the waiting photographers a bit more than her talent.
  • Tennis lovers of a certain age tend to convene in the Southern US to enjoy their matches. Mild winters and sunny summers make tennis a year-round sport, attracting many professionals and semi-professionals to the coasts and warm climates. No matter your skill level, Tennis Communities offerss a place for all retirees interested in maintaining ...