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  • The coach is where current and aspiring players turn to learn the basics of tennis, to refine their swings, fine-tune their serves and advance their skills and their pursuit of our lifetime sport. For many, coaches are their point of entry into the game.
  • Our tennis lessons are taught by coaches who have been thoroughly screened by our hiring team. The same can’t be said for coaches not going through our system. Not only have our tennis coaches been confirmed as qualified but they have also passed a criminal background check ensuring a quality lesson that is also safe.
  • Reviews on Tennis Lessons in Chicago, IL - PlayYourCourt, TenniswithD, Tennis on the Lake, McFetridge Sports Center, Midtown Athletic Club, East Bank Club, Play Golf and Tennis, Oak Park Tennis Center, North Shore Racquet Club, Waveland Park,+IL
  • Coach Christopher Brown (Director, Owner) Owned, founded and designed a 12-court & $7 million tennis facility in Frisco, Lakes Tennis Academy, where professional players and top juniors trained Coached professional players in the Top 100 in the world, including the world’s top-ranked junior
  • The relationship between a coach and a tennis player is complex, and needs to be look at objectively. In tennis, unlike in other sports like football and basketball, coaches are hired by the ...
  • Finding the right tennis coach is difficult, but we’ve already done the hard work for you. Tell us your goals and our coach-finder will search our 2,000+ coach database to find the perfect instructor for you. Find Your Coach. 02 Book Your Lessons. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or want to ...
  • Our summer tennis Camp Coaches and Directors are among the best coaches and tennis pros in the world today. Our pros are dedicated to the personal development and improvement of each tennis player. They will provide all campers with an unmatched opportunity to improve their tennis game while having fun.
  • Take Tennis Lessons on is the best place to find individual and group tennis instructors. Instructors sign up and create a profile, while students search for instructors by zip code, then email teachers of their interest through our site and pay up front for their lessons.
  • Many tennis coaches for professional players are very secretive about their work habits. But looking at one the routine of one tennis coach who works with pro players may help provide context for how the average tennis coach’s day is structured. It involves a lot of time on their feet, long hours, and an unpredictable schedule.
  • We will collectively advance and respond to professional concerns of tennis coaches and provide a representation of tennis coaches at the state-level, provide professional development opportunities and programs for tennis coaches, provide networking and collaborative opportunities for tennis coaches, and provide opportunities for members to ...