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  • Free tennis guides for coaches and players - short ebooks offered by WebTennis24, a website for players, coaches and tennis parents
  • Tennis is one of the world’s most popular sports, as levels of participation and spectatorship demonstrate. Moreover, tennis has always been one of the world’s most significant sports, expressing crucial fractures of social class, gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity - both on and off court.. This is the first book to undertake a survey of the historical and socio-cultural sweep of tennis ...
  • Deb's Tennis Score Book was designed by experienced tennis coaches. Deb's Tennis Score Book is used by high school tennis coaches in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Coaches use our book every year to create a permanent record of their tennis season. Deb's Tennis Score Book comes complete with a complementary pad of 25 line-up sheets ...
  • Tennis Book is a personalised Mobile & Tablet application for players and Club Owners all over the World. It offers the fastest and easiest way to track your personal stats, to create a tennis club Ladder, League or Tournament and to contact with tennis players worldwide through your device.
  • In these times when Federer isn’t playing or when tennis is an all but distant possibility, books are a superb way to delve into Federer’s story and connect with tennis again. Here are, in my opinion, the top five books on the great man. Federesque (Beyond the Lens, 2018)
  • It’s now sold over a million copies, spawned six more “Inner Game” books—covering skiing, golf, winning, music, work, and stress—and, as of this writing, was the top instructional tennis ...
  • Tennis books, tennis posters, tennis cards, tennis gifts, tennis collectables. Wimbledon Tennis collectables.
  • Tennis is a fantastic way to spend quality time as a family. Be aware of putting pressure on children for results, but make ... this book.) Young and inexperienced players should avoid single-elimination tournaments where there is one winner and many losers. These Parents Guide.pdf
  • THE CODE The Players’ Guide to Fair Play and the Unwritten Rules of Tennis The Code is not part of the ITF Rules of Tennis.Players shall follow The Code, except to the extent to which an official assumes some of their responsibilities. This edition of The Code is an adaptation of the original.
  • I am constantly at work writing down more and more of my system in book form and audio tapes. To date I have one book, two booklets and 3 audio CDs and over TEN YEARS of archived tennis lessons from the voice mail Tennis Lesson Hotline and the email newsletter. Plenty more to come so keep your eye on my web site.