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  • One young Totally Tennis junior players has used the last few months to focus on improving her tennis skills. Eight-year-old Jasmine Paul, who attends St Marys Junior School, didn’t let the enforced lockdown and closure of tennis courts stop her keeping fit and practising at home.
  • Progressing your child’s tennis game can be a daunting task. Elite Sports Clubs, through its decades leading Wisconsin junior tennis players to the top, has a suggested progression for your child. We provide two paths, one for the 10 and under tennis player and another for the 11 and over tennis player. Each path offers […]
  • There was a study done in Poland taking over 1000 junior tennis players from over 40 countries and tracking them from 1994 to 2002. The average age was 12 to 13 years old. What they found was the better players as adults were smaller than average for their age, were less powerful, were faster and more agile, started playing tournaments at age ...
  • NEW Junior Elite: Wayside’s Junior Elite program is designed for the tennis athlete who has an objective to hone their skills and transition to the High-Performance program. Players should currently be training 6-8 hours a week, not including fitness and tournament play.
  • The US Open kicks off today. The player to beat on the women’s side is, of course, Serena Williams, who is vying to win the tournament for a fifth time.
  • Tennis is the only sport in which junior players are expected to call their own lines, which invariably leads to a lot of “hooking” (tennis lingo for cheating).
  • Players entering onto the tennis court are to locate and stand at a designated spot (marked with blue squares) as pre-determined by the coach. Players are to remain at the designated spots until given further instruction. When not actively playing on court, players will stand at designated spots as determined by the coach.
  • The purpose of the Southern Tennis Foundation’s Junior Financial Assistance program is to assist competitive junior players ranked in the Southern top 100 with their travel expenses to USTA national and Southern tournament events. The maximum amount awarded for juniors is $5,000.
  • Junior Tennis Players are the future of our sport our programs engage the youth of our area.
  • Tennis Round is a community of over 40,000 tennis players in 6,000 cities in the USA and around the world. Get started today and connect to play in your home town or when you travel. Every time we find you someone we’ll send you an email and a text message. You can reply directly by SMS to get in touch with the other player.