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  • Doubles tennis has two players on each side instead of one. You'll use the wider court dimensions, but the rest of the scoring and rules remain the same. The big challenge for doubles tennis beginners is to learn how to interact with a teammate. Ask other tennis-playing friends to teach you the best strategies for doubles tennis.
  • TENNIS FOR LIFE ®. TENNIS FOR LIFE. PBI's Tennis for Life® instruction is a simplified and common-sense approach to teaching tennis which, over more than thirty years, has benefited millions of tennis enthusiasts worldwide. This approach to teaching the game is not "system."The concept that "we teach individuals not systems" is shared by PBI ...
  • Instruction. It’s true! Tennis is a sport for a lifetime. It is one of the rare sports that when introduced to someone at any time in their lives, they can continue to play from that point onward. Everyone from children to seasoned pros can benefit from continually learning, developing additional technique and honing their abilities.
  • tennis instruction at the resort at longboat key club is available to resort guests and members only. Upcoming events and clinics are currently subject to frequent changes. To receive the latest information on our schedule of events, please email us at .
  • Peter Fryer is a tennis writer and coach based in Derry Northern Ireland. He completed his professional teaching tennis qualification shortly after finishing university and has been teaching tennis for over 13 years. Peter began Love Tennis Blog in 2010 and contributes to the BBC and national media outlets. This article has been viewed 496,888 ...
  • Professional Tennis Instruction and Clinics. Intense. That's the word for this workout. Instructors introduce advanced concepts for intermediate-advanced level players. If it's Monday, it must be forehand and backhand. And the week proceeds with a different theme daily. Combine Stroke of the Day and Daily Drill for the complete experience.
  • Tennis Made Simple is a fun way to learn tennis tips. In a group setting you can see what others are doing right (or wrong) and it reinforces what Val is teaching us. Also it gave me the opportunity to meet other tennis players and play outside of the lessons.
  • Tennis Instruction. At Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and inviting environment where all ages and abilities are offered quality instruction. Our professional coaching staff are leaders who help make learning and playing tennis and pickleball fun and challenging.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE RESERVATIONS OF TENNIS COURTS 1. Access our program registration page by CLICKING HERE 2. Ensure that you have already purchased a Tennis Permit. Only permit holders are able to make reservations. Tennis Permits can be purchased under the green “TENNIS & PLATFORM TENNIS” tab at the top of the page. If purchasing a ...
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