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  • A clay court is a tennis court that has a playing surface made of crushed stone, brick, shale, or other unbound mineral aggregate. The French Open uses clay courts, making it unique among the Grand Slam tournaments. Clay courts are more common in Continental Europe and Latin America than in North America, Asia or Britain.
  • A freshly groomed clay court also helps with one of the trickier tasks in all tennis, making accurate line calls. Except when it hits entirely on a line, the ball leaves a distinct mark on a clay court, and the absence of a mark near a line attests to where the ball landed too.
  • Although it is referred to as clay, HAR-TRU is actually composed of crushed stone. That's what makes it such an effective tennis court surface — and more durable and consistent than its European clay court counterparts.
  • Clay courts slow down the ball and produce a high bounce in comparison to grass or hard courts. For this reason, the clay court takes away many of the advantages of big serves, which makes it hard for serve-based players to dominate on the surface. Clay courts are cheaper to construct than other types of tennis courts, but a clay surface costs ...
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  • For avoiding injury, there is no alternative without clay court tennis shoes. Clay court tennis shoes will protect your feet and provide extra balance on the court as well. So, for the clay court tennis player, we always suggest you buy the best clay-court tennis shoes instead of trying other athletic tennis shoes on the clay court.
  • Because clay tennis courts play slower than other surfaces, points usually last longer. Clay courts don’t produce a lot of winners (except from the pros) so good conditioning is essential since you will be moving back and forth a lot. Make your opponents back up and hit them with a drop shot. Drop shots can be devastating on clay.
  • Types of Synthetic Clay for a Tennis Court. If you play on a tennis court built before 1909, you might be playing on a true clay court -- a court with a natural clay surface. But if you play on a clay court built after that year, you probably play on some type of synthetic clay court. Clay courts replaced grass courts ...
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