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  • ACRYTECH™ Sports Surfaces is located east of Atlanta, Georgia in Decatur. We supply tennis court paint and other types of surface coatings and repair products for hundreds of installers and thousands of courts across the nation. Browse our website to find an installer in your area.
  • Repainting Tennis Surfaces. When the surface painting of the tennis court has been completed, new line marking will be applied on top. Having your tennis court repainted can make it look new and you will notice the benefits when playing on it.
  • Contact your SportMaster representative if you have further questions on Ready Mix Color, tennis court paint, tennis court coatings, or do it yourself (DIY) products. Qualified tennis court contractors are available nationwide. Ask us for contractor referrals and to receive free estimates on your court construction, repair, or resurfacing project.
  • SportMaster is a globally recognized leading manufacturer of tennis court resurfacing products, tennis court paint, and tennis court crack filling and repair products. Our 100% acrylic tennis court color coatings produce highly attractive, durable surfaces with player-friendly spin responsive play.
  • For instance, DIY tennis court crack repair often results in cracks returning down the road, especially if the crack was a structural one to begin with. Unfortunately, crack repair products on the market typically aren't made for tennis courts, and the few that are usually aren't professional grade.
  • How much tennis court paint do I need for 1 tennis court? Shown on this page is the correct amount needed for one standard tennis court.
  • Dyco's Insta Court All-in-One Sport Surface Kit is Dyco's Insta Court All-in-One Sport Surface Kit is a non-skid durable waterborne acrylic sport surface refinisher for concrete and asphalt recreation surfaces. Insta Court is tougher stronger and has a longer life than normal enamels. Insta Court's highly water-resistant coating can be used on driveways basketball courts tennis courts running ...
  • As a manufacturer of acrylic sport surfaces, we are frequently asked how to paint a pickleball court.. There are a few different levels and options, when it comes to painting your court, and each will result in different levels of cost and quality.