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  • Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. would like to congratulate Belle Meade Country Club for receiving the American Sports Builders Associations “Outdoor Tennis Facility Silver Award” for Excellence in Design and Construction of an Outdoor Tennis Facility in 2015.
  • The City of Santa Barbara's tennis courts and facilities.
  • Renner Sports for new tennis court construction. Contact us for more information for new tennis court construction, repair, resurfacing, or renovation.
  • 7 INTRODUCTION SECTION 1.0 TENNIS COURT CONTRACTORS 1.1 Selection Criteria. 1.1.1 General. Since building or resurfacing one or more tennis courts is not only relatively expensive but also a
  • Local tennis court resurfacing is a resource site for finding tennis court builders and resurfacing contractors. Learn about court repair and resurfacing.
  • TPC Court Rules and Etiquette . Tennis is a unique sport, one that is often played without supervision, referees or officials. As a tennis player, it is important that you know and follow the rules and practice the courtesy of good sportsmanship and etiquette on court.
  • Tennis court construction costs involve a number of variables including condition and accessibility of site, surfacing systems, and more.
  • HomeAdvisor's Tennis Court Repair Cost Guide surveys homeowners to reveal the average price for repairing tennis court cracks, rust spots, and more.
  • The regulations of tennis courts are set by the International Tennis Federation, in its “Rules of Tennis” handbook. The regulations cover several aspects of a tennis court, including the dimensions, net and surfaces used.
  • Preferred provider of USA Tennis Court products including Tennis Court Windscreens, Tennis Court Dividers, Tennis Nets, Tennis Court Covers and Curtains