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American Team Cup and Ultimate Tennis Showdown to the US Open and French Open, the tennis calendar has managed to fill up while adopting coronavirus protocols.
The promise of college tennis lured Abhimanyu Vannemreddy from his home in India to the United States, where he settled in at Winthrop in South Carolina. Now he's pondering his future thousands of miles away from his family as financial reality crashes down on his sport.
The gloriously versatile "dunk" aside, tennis has some of the most fun sport-specific language you can toss around. Love! Ace! Breakpoint! See? Fun! This is almost certainly not the reason tennis-inspired shoes have enjoyed such enduring popularity over the last seven or eight decades—their low-key styling is a much more likely culprit—but it's a nice little bonus to keep in mind when lacing up.
DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -- There won't be professional tennis in Decatur this summer after all, as the USTA canceled all five ITF World Tennis Tour events in August including the Ursula Beck Pro Tennis Classic at Fairview Park. The 22nd annual edition of the ...
After 13 years on the Vanderbilt women’s tennis coaching staff, former Commodore standout Aleke Tsoubanos will be promoted to head coach, while Geoff Macdonald will remain with the team as an assistant coach after 26 years at the helm.
A roster of businesses receiving a piece of the $660 billion U.S. Paycheck Protection Program illustrates how deeply the government's pandemic aid has reached into the everyday lives of Americans, yet at the same time how unevenly and fleetingly.
Federer became an investor in the company in November of last year––the team announced the launch of the Roger Centre Court 0-Series this week. The limited-edition style was intentionally unveiled to coincide with the anniversary of Federer’s first Wimbledon victory 17 years ago (Federer has won the most Grand Slam titles in men’s tennis history).
Thousand Oaks' Sam Querrey played before fans on Friday night in Georgia and his opponent later tested positive for coronavirus.
Refurbished courts unveiled courtesy of Marblehead All Sports Boosters. It was love at first sight for the high school tennis teams, coaches and members of the community when they
The Liberty Flames men's tennis team has announced the addition of transfer Zion Heaven for the 2020-21 school year. "Trevor and I are thrilled to have Zion join our team. He is a hard worker on the court and in the classroom, and he will elevate our team ...