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Tennis superstar Roger Federer surprises two Italian girls after a video of them playing tennis across rooftops during the pandemic went viral.
Earlier during the COVID-19 pandemic a video of two people playing tennis on the roofs of two different buildings went viral. Barilla, one of Roger Federer's sponsors, put their spin on the ad by having Federer surprise the two women from the video and play with Federer just as they did in their viral video.
"I have played in many cool places around the world, but this one is definitely up there for me as a special experience," Federer said.
Two Italian girls whose rooftop tennis video went viral have received a surprise visit from Roger Federer. The video of Vittoria Oliveri and Carola Pessina playing on the rooftops of neighbouring buildings in Finale Ligure during the COVID-19 lockdown garnered over 10 million views.
Across multiple social media platforms, the video of Vittoria and Carola playing rooftop tennis drew nearly nine million views during the first day it was online. The girls could be seen hitting the ball back and forth while being on opposite rooftops.
The tennis champion, 38, took a private jet to surprise friends Vittoria Oliveri, 13, and Carola Pessina, 11, at their homes in Finale Ligure, Italy.
Girls thought they were preparing for another media interview when they were asked about their favourite players
ROGER FEDERER made a trip to Italy to surprise two avid tennis fans who went viral during the coronavirus lockdown. Unable to leave their homes, Italian youngsters Vittoria and Carola picked up
If you didn't already love Roger, you'll adore him after this. Unless you find tennis a bore & have no idea who he is.
Vittoria and Carola, however, were more curious about the Swiss’ favorite dessert and they asked him if he’d ever tasted tiramisu. Tiramisu is a signature coffee-based dessert of Italy which is quite popular in most of Europe.