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Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis are a dynamic duo that are ... The two Aussies have been having a blast, even if their tennis game is far better than their jokes. Kyrgios leads the team ...
Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has claimed he is the best grass-court player ... He won the Australian Open men's doubles title alongside Thanasi Kokkinakis - his first taste of Grand Slam glory - and believes he is in the midst of a "resurgence year".
The feud between Nick Kyrgios and Lleyton Hewitt has been reignited with Swedish tennis great Mats Wilander saying Hewitt ... Doubles partner Thanasi Kokkinakis later claimed that Kyrgios was offered a spot in the team, but declined.
More info Nick Kyrgios has opened up on his struggles with alcohol, drugs and self-harm which led him into a breakdown back in 2019. Kyrgios wrote his name into the history books in January after winning the Australian Open doubles title alongside Thanasi Kokkinakis in Melbourne.
Nick Kyrgios' girlfriend Costeen Hatzi is set to make an appearance in the new Netflix tennis documentary that ... Open doubles partner, Thanasi Kokkinakis, 26. The show is said be similar to ...
Nick Kyrgios ... how he believes some of Kyrgios’ antics are influencing children. “It's just a game where you learn a lot about life and educate and rules and these guys are taking it to a complete different level,” the tennis legend said.
78 was asked by reporters who he believed the best tennis player in the world was heading into the prestigious
The Gulf between Kyrgios on one hand and Djokovic and Nadal on the other would appear huge on paper, in terms of career achievements. Indeed, the latter duo can boast eight Wimble