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Marino, who’s from Vancouver, remembers watching Maria Sharapova win the inaugural VanOpen in 2002 at the Jericho Tennis Club. Marino was just 11. The VanOpen was Marino’s first pro tournament as a player,
No. 31 Northwestern finished last season strong with a 20-11 record — its best full-length season since 2017. Compared to the 2021 season, the Cats played a stronger homestand game last season, winning twice as many home games at 12-3 in contrast to 2021’s 6-3 record — though COVID-19 impacted many of the team’s
With college sports starting up again in a matter of days, knowing when and where Tech’s teams play is important for anyone who wants to support the Institute
Naomi Osaka has called on young Black athletes like herself to spread more awareness of suncare for melanated skin.
But first, let's put the finishing touches on our Highlight Hoos series, recapping the some of the incredible athletic accomplishments achieved by UVA student athletes during the 2021-2022 sports year.
How new NIL marketplace website will benefit student-athletes and the Cougars’ sports department.
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Niagara-on-the Lake Tennis Club and Welland Tennis Club are set to host the tennis competition at the 2022 Canada Summer Games between August 7th and August 13th.
From six-player star Denise Long and Olympian Shawn Johnson to current in-state basketball stars Caitlin Clark and Ashley Joens, here are 50 of the best female athletes from the state of Iowa.
Women’s tennis head coach Colin Foster added Joelle Kissell to the coaching staff.  Last season, Kissell was a volunteer assistant for West Virginia’s women’s tennis program during the 2021-2022 season before coming to WSU.