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Two more Australian Open players have tested positive for COVID-19, government officials said on Wednesday, as authorities were at cross-purposes over who would pay for the tournament's quarantine bill.
Two tennis players have tested positive, but hard lockdown of those who shared flights remains. Follow latest updates
Police minister says Tennis Australia will pay as three new cases linked to grand slam recorded, including two players
Australian Open has been postponed until early February as over 70 tennis players and staff have been forced into an unexpected and strict two-week quarantine period. The protocol was implemented after positive COVID-19 cases were discovered on three of 17 charter flights into the country.
Instead of training for up to five hours a day as they prepare for the Australian Open, 72 players find themselves unable to leave their hotel rooms under coronavirus quarantine rules -- and a number of them are vocally expressing their frustrations.
Three more people linked to the Australian Open have tested positive for COVID-19 in Melbourne, increasing to 10 those associated with the Grand Slam tennis tournament which begins Feb. 8. Victoria state Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville confirmed the new cases had been detected on Wednesday,
A further 25 tennis players were forced into quarantine in Australia ahead of the season’s first tennis major after another positive coronavirus test on a charter flight, taking the total number of competitors isolating in hotel rooms to 72 on Sunday.
Some players have taken to Twitter to vent about the quality of food and lack of access to tennis courts. One shared a video of a mouse in her room.
Four positive test results on two flights resulted in 47 players being put into 14-day quarantines ahead of the Feb. 8 start date.
We’ve got to do whatever we can to make it as fair as possible for those player that are in lockdown," tournament director Craig Tiley said.